Choosing Halloween Treats Wisely

Halloween time is rapidly approaching us once again, and with it comes all the goblins, ghouls, and even scarier things like RAPID WEIGHT GAIN! Yes, rapid weight gain due too almost endless amounts of different foods, candies, cakes, and every other unhealthy thing under the sun.

Don’t get me wrong, Halloween is probably my most favorite time of the year, and I do enjoy eating treats from time to time. But the reality of the matter is this, if you’re currently trying to lose weight or maintain the weight you’re at, this time of the year can be a major ROAD BLOCK too your efforts. So finding ways to enjoy the treats of the season can be hard to do with some many bad but good tasting goodies circling around us.

Here are a few treats that won’t DESTROY your weight loss efforts.


Sugar free Jell-O is an awesome option, especially around Halloween time. If you want to watch your weight but still have some fun making some treats, then Jell-O is the way to go. You can be super creative with it as well, get some scary cookie cut outs to make Jell-O figures.

Or you can get some cups and decorate the outside too look like blood and put red Jell-O in the cups. There are many other ways that you can utilize Jell-O, but the key is that Jell-O only has around 50 calories per serving, making this delicious treat a must have for those of you looking too maintain or lose weight.

Halloween Chocolate Pudding Cups

The next treat is excellent for those of you with a sweet tooth for some chocolate. All of us know how much chocolate floats around on Halloween, so those of us looking to watch are weight need to watch our chocolate intake. A good way to enjoy chocolate while still watching your weight is by enjoying some chocolate pudding cups.

Get yourself some fat free, low sugar pudding and some skim, or soy milk. Then pick up some low fat Oreo’s, and yes they do have them believe it or not. Or you can supplement the Oreo’s with some skinny cow cookies, or another brand of low fat cookies or brownies. If you want to skip the cookies ad some strawberries or the fruit of your choice, then whip it up to your liking and enjoy them when you get a craving for some sweets.

Frozen Grapes

Moving along to the last treat frozen grapes, these little bad boys are excellent and you can with an array of different things. Not only will they keep the calorie count down, but they’re excellent nutrition wise for you, they have an awesome source of poly-phenols and antioxidants. They’re a great substitute for those of you who like eating candies and small treats. Instead of picking up some candies, pick up some of these and enjoy them as a delicious alternative.


Did you know that about ninety percent of parents admit they like to sneak treats from their kids stash? The bite size chocolates were the most “thieved” item out the bag. Other popular targets are M&M’s, caramels and gum. Licorice however, tends to be left alone as the least favorite Halloween treat to sneak.

According to a survey done with kids 6-11 years old, most of them will share their loot with family and friends. Some will share it with their teacher (smart thinking)! Only a small percentage said they would not share their Halloween treats at all.

When a group of parents were surveyed about how they choose what to hand for Halloween candy most will select their own favorite candy verses buying either what is on sale or what the kid’s favorites are.

Most parents also said they have a plan as to how many pieces of candy a day they will allow their children to have. Some parents bring a portion of the Halloween treats in to work and a few will keep a little on hand for home.

As you shop this year looking for just the right Halloween treats, keep in mind that your choices mean more than you think! It is not only the kids that will be watching who has the best treats. Parents will be eyeing that trick-or-treat bag too! Happy Halloween!

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