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7 Do-It-Yourself Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is nearing, and if you still haven’t thought of costumes for the upcoming scare-fest, you might be wracking your brains for ideas that can’t be beat. Unfortunately, many of us are really busy. As much as we would like to focus on Halloween costume hunting, there’s such a thing as real life, and we all have to attend to work, chores, and errands. So when your kids come knocking at your bedroom door begging to get a Halloween costume on the morning of October 31st, you know you’re in for it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry too much, as there are literally hundreds of Halloween costume ideas that you can DIY for yourself or your kids on a short notice. What’s great is that you don’t even have to break the bank doing it. Here are a few ideas.

1 – The Athlete

Surely you have someone in your family who has played ball. You don’t have to be the star quarterback or the pointguard. You just have to look the part. If your kids are into sports, then why not suggest that they go out trick or treating as a team-complete in their athletic uniforms. This also goes for cheerleading attires.

2 – The Ghost

You’ve seen it in the cartoons, so why not try it in real life. Get an old white sheet and cut out eye holes. You’re a ghost! The getup is not complete without moans and groans, so practice your moaning and groaning before midnight. You can add chains for that tormented soul effect.

3 – Ninja

Get a ski mask and wear an all-black attire. If you have a toy sword (or maybe even a decorative sword), then wear it on your belt. Now what makes you a ninja is not only your attire. Try to move stealthily around all day. Move against walls and don’t get caught in plain sight of people. When you cross the lawn, don’t walk. Tumble!

4 – Mad Scientist

Wear an old white lab coat and eyeglasses. For effect, mess up your hair and set it with mousse or gel. Bring test tubes and beakers wherever you go. Think of Dr. Emmet Brown from Back to the Future. Now that’s a crazy costume idea.

5 – The Backwards Person

Wear your clothes all backwards. Wear your shirt and pants backwards, complete with belt and necktie. You can even wear sunglasses or eyeglasses at the back of your head for effect.

6 – The Corpse

Wear your best formal attire. Make it so formal it would seem you’ve come straight out of the coffin. Now apply very pale makeup and wear very dark lipstick. Apply thick, black eye shadow. To complete the effect, act the part. Walk slowly-as if you haven’t used your joints for decades.

If you haven’t got the time, don’t sweat it. You can rummage around your closet and maybe you’ll find something that will look scary or novel enough to be your Halloween costume. If you can find an outfit from the 80’s, now that’s something to scream about:

7 – The 80’s Guy or Gal

Sure, the 80’s are making a comeback. But the 2010’s 80’s are different from the real thing. Maybe you still have some leftovers from the past few decades sitting at the bottom of your closet. Wear skinny jeans and a white T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves. Wear high-cut sneakers. Get yourself a thick headband and try to wear your hair as if you had a mullet. If you have long hair, you can curl it like crazy. Bring along a big boombox on your shoulder to complete the effect. Now, that’s scary!

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Choosing Halloween Treats Wisely

Halloween time is rapidly approaching us once again, and with it comes all the goblins, ghouls, and even scarier things like RAPID WEIGHT GAIN! Yes, rapid weight gain due too almost endless amounts of different foods, candies, cakes, and every other unhealthy thing under the sun.

Don’t get me wrong, Halloween is probably my most favorite time of the year, and I do enjoy eating treats from time to time. But the reality of the matter is this, if you’re currently trying to lose weight or maintain the weight you’re at, this time of the year can be a major ROAD BLOCK too your efforts. So finding ways to enjoy the treats of the season can be hard to do with some many bad but good tasting goodies circling around us.

Here are a few treats that won’t DESTROY your weight loss efforts.


Sugar free Jell-O is an awesome option, especially around Halloween time. If you want to watch your weight but still have some fun making some treats, then Jell-O is the way to go. You can be super creative with it as well, get some scary cookie cut outs to make Jell-O figures.

Or you can get some cups and decorate the outside too look like blood and put red Jell-O in the cups. There are many other ways that you can utilize Jell-O, but the key is that Jell-O only has around 50 calories per serving, making this delicious treat a must have for those of you looking too maintain or lose weight.

Halloween Chocolate Pudding Cups

The next treat is excellent for those of you with a sweet tooth for some chocolate. All of us know how much chocolate floats around on Halloween, so those of us looking to watch are weight need to watch our chocolate intake. A good way to enjoy chocolate while still watching your weight is by enjoying some chocolate pudding cups.

Get yourself some fat free, low sugar pudding and some skim, or soy milk. Then pick up some low fat Oreo’s, and yes they do have them believe it or not. Or you can supplement the Oreo’s with some skinny cow cookies, or another brand of low fat cookies or brownies. If you want to skip the cookies ad some strawberries or the fruit of your choice, then whip it up to your liking and enjoy them when you get a craving for some sweets.

Frozen Grapes

Moving along to the last treat frozen grapes, these little bad boys are excellent and you can with an array of different things. Not only will they keep the calorie count down, but they’re excellent nutrition wise for you, they have an awesome source of poly-phenols and antioxidants. They’re a great substitute for those of you who like eating candies and small treats. Instead of picking up some candies, pick up some of these and enjoy them as a delicious alternative.


Did you know that about ninety percent of parents admit they like to sneak treats from their kids stash? The bite size chocolates were the most “thieved” item out the bag. Other popular targets are M&M’s, caramels and gum. Licorice however, tends to be left alone as the least favorite Halloween treat to sneak.

According to a survey done with kids 6-11 years old, most of them will share their loot with family and friends. Some will share it with their teacher (smart thinking)! Only a small percentage said they would not share their Halloween treats at all.

When a group of parents were surveyed about how they choose what to hand for Halloween candy most will select their own favorite candy verses buying either what is on sale or what the kid’s favorites are.

Most parents also said they have a plan as to how many pieces of candy a day they will allow their children to have. Some parents bring a portion of the Halloween treats in to work and a few will keep a little on hand for home.

As you shop this year looking for just the right Halloween treats, keep in mind that your choices mean more than you think! It is not only the kids that will be watching who has the best treats. Parents will be eyeing that trick-or-treat bag too! Happy Halloween!

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Throwing the Best Halloween Party

For many, Halloween is the favorite holiday of the year simply because it is possible to more or less hide behind a character and a mask. Basically, that is a license to go beserk and party hard! In case you have never thrown a party for Halloween before, here are some tips to host a legendary gathering that will be relished for years to come.

Plan Well!

To have a truly successful Halloween party, you must do two things; the first is to plan well in advance, and the second is to decide on a theme. Remember – you are not the only one who is throwing a party, everyone is. To stand out, come up with a unique theme and invite your guests in advance. Schedule the party early so that everyone is comfortable attending it and have no problems getting back to their daily lives.

Give Them A Crazy Invite!

Your invitations should basically lure people in – the crazier, the better. Give out a vibe that anything goes! That would not only result in a better get together, but will also break the ice real quick and encourage your guests to have a good time. If you want to make your own invitations instead of buying them, you can find plenty of examples online. Scrapbooking cards or vintage material are good ideas to start with. The added bonus of creating your own invites is that you can write whatever you want inside them.

Decorate Well!

Halloween parties turn out to be dull if there are only minimal design elements or decorations. A true Halloween vibe can only be given out when your place is well covered with decorations. A good idea would be to carry forward the theme that you have already expressed in your invites. Use the internet as a resource for a variety of free images, ranging from sweet to downright scary. You can combine those with fake cobwebs that can cover almost anything in your house. A couple of cauldrons with dry ice to produce a boiling effect will also add to any theme. Add some lighting and hire a smoke machine, and you are all set!

Provide Weird Food!

If ever thought it would be fun to disgust your friends, now is the time. Many use chocolates fused together with creepy spiders and worms as a staple in most parties. You could even try some new ideas about chocolates, if you have any. You could also use black or blood colored ice trays to serve ice cubes. If your taste is even more serious, look on the Internet on how to simulate human organs through food. This might be your only chance to pull off some hilarious pranks!


All the aforementioned tips blend well with any theme and serve as an example as to how you should go about planning your party. Making it an enjoyable experience is easy, but do not go too far. Never go to the extent of heavily scaring your guests or insulting them – all your hard work might end up in the drain, along with your social life. Party wild but stay safe!

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Halloween in Different Cultures

Most people find the idea of death very fascinating. Various questions run through their mind such as, “Is there life after death?” “Where will I go when I die?” Nobody really knows the exact answer to this question. There are plenty of theories out there but none which have concrete evidence. Each country has different cultures which is their way of mourning the death of their loved ones. They honor their deceased family and friends in unique ways which are tied with specific traditions believed to keep the evil spirits away. It is very interesting to know how people from other countries make preparations for their deceased. Today, let’s discuss about Halloween in different cultures to discover how each one differs from one another.

The Chinese celebrate Halloween by annually holding a festival called The Feast of the Hungry Ghost or Teng Chieh. Various bonfires and lanterns are lit to serve as the spirit’s guide back to Earth. They arrange portraits of dead relatives and place water and food before them. The Chinese believe that wandering ghosts in the afterlife will look for care, recognition and food on Earth during Halloween.

Japan celebrates The Festival of the Dead, also known as Obon or The Festival of Lanterns every August. It is similar to a homecoming celebration of sorts. The Japanese believe that the spirits of their ancestors pay a visit to their living relatives on this day. In preparation for this festival, many Japanese have made it a tradition to prepare special meals to serve as offerings. The hanging of the lanterns outside their homes is believed to guide the spirits.

Every November 1, All Saints Day, the German Catholics visit the graves of their family members. They also honor the memory of saints on this day. Beginning from October 30 until November 8, it has been a tradition for Germans to hide knives. This is done to prevent the returning spirits from getting hurt by everyday knife movements.

With a close similarity to how Germans celebrate Halloween, Austrian Catholics also celebrate All Souls Week. This usually takes place between October 30 to November 8. It has been an Austrian tradition to turn on lamps during the night. They also leave bread and water for their loved ones who have passed away.

A celebration called P’chum Ben is held every September in Cambodia. It is closely linked to the lunar calendar. During this time, Buddhists bring beans wrapped in banana leaves and sweet sticky rice to honor their dead. This tradition is done in temples where family and friends gather together to hear the speeches of the monks and music.

At the end of autumn, citizens of Czech Republic celebrate the Commemoration of All the Departed. It is their tradition to place candles and flowers on the graves of their deceased. They also prepare their homes by placing a chair near the fireside for each of their dead relatives. Czechs believe in the legend that the living can still be able to communicate with the dead. This means that the living can still hear and respond to them.


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A Brief History About Halloween And Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a celebration that is focused on honoring the dead. The celebration started hundreds of years ago where it involved a series of ceremonies and rituals that were performed by different religious groups.

Although, the occasion started off as a religious and spiritual occasion, things have now changed. Halloween has turned into a cultural celebration where people dress up in costumes and tell scary stories.

Halloween costumes

Although, the Halloween concept has been around for hundreds of years, the practice of getting dressed up in costumes started in 1910s and 1920s. When the idea became popular, it was initially geared towards children; however, adults quickly joined in and also started dressing up in costumes.

Since the inception of the Halloween costumes, people have been dressing up as supernatural characters such as ghosts, skeletons, witches, and skeletons.

Original Halloween costumes

Early Halloween costumes were made to reflect characters from popular cultures during a given period of time. Most of the costumes were homemade. In most cases, they were made from meek materials such as newspapers and wires.

Some of the most popular original costumes are: Little Bo Peep, Disney characters and pets such as cats and dogs. There were also policemen and firefighter costumes that were made to represent important figures in the society.

The first company to trademark Halloween costumes is Disney and has been producing high quality costumes since then.

Latest trends in Halloween costumes

Halloween costumes are a great way for both adults and children to express their personalities and creativity. Over the years many types of costumes have come up.

Costumes for children: the most common costumes for children are those that feature aliens, superheroes, and popular figures in history such as presidents, athletes, movie actors, television personalities, and musicians.

Popular costume ideas for boys are Nintendo characters such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Super Mario.

Girls often don’t dress in costumes that are scary and threatening. In most cases they go for attires that include fairies, flowers, angels, and princesses.

Costumes for adults: popular costumes for adults are: goblins, clowns, ghosts, and witches which are usually worn by men. Women wear sexy outfits that represent pirates, cheerleader, and wonder woman. Masks are very common with both men and women.

After the Celtics lands were taken by the Romans, Samhain was absorbed with two Roman holidays. Feralia was a day in October to commemorate the passing of the dead. Pomona was a day to celebrate the goddess of fruit and trees. (The symbol of Pomona was an apple, which may explain the adoption of the Halloween tradition of bobbing for apples.)

All Saints and All Souls

In the 7th century, in an attempt to replace substitute Samhain with a Christian holy day, the Catholic Church named November 1 as All Saint’s Day, a day to honor saints and martyrs. The church tried again in the 9th century, making November 2 All Souls Day, a day when the living prayed for the souls of the dead. Neither attempt was very successful. Trick-or-treating is said to have developed from the All Souls Day custom of people going village to village begging for “soul cakes” bread made with currants. The more cakes they received, the more prayers they would offer on behalf of the givers dead relatives who were in purgatory. However, some sources say that this tradition had all but disappeared long before the North American tradition of trick-or-treating began.

By the 1500s, All Saint’s Day had become All Hallows’ Day, and Samhain had begun to be known as All Hallows’ Evening, Hallow Evening, and eventually, Halloween. After the Reformation, Halloween celebrations were combined with Guy Fawkes’ Day (November 5).

Halloween in North America

In the New World, Halloween was not celebrated. In fact, because of the Puritan tradition, all celebrations were considered immoral and even Christmas was scarcely observed before the 1800s.

Halloween was not a popular festival, but it did increase in popularity with the arrival of two million Irish immigrants fleeing the potato famine. Nonetheless, by the end of the Civil War, in 1865, less than 5% of the United States population (mostly the Catholics and Episcopalians) celebrated Halloween and All Saints’ Day. Determined to continue these traditions, the churches started campaigns to popularize the celebration. There is little documentation, however on Halloween prior to the 1900s.


This is a brief history about Halloween and Halloween costumes. When buying the outfits for you or for your children, always ensure that they are of high quality.

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