Throwing the Best Halloween Party

For many, Halloween is the favorite holiday of the year simply because it is possible to more or less hide behind a character and a mask. Basically, that is a license to go beserk and party hard! In case you have never thrown a party for Halloween before, here are some tips to host a legendary gathering that will be relished for years to come.

Plan Well!

To have a truly successful Halloween party, you must do two things; the first is to plan well in advance, and the second is to decide on a theme. Remember – you are not the only one who is throwing a party, everyone is. To stand out, come up with a unique theme and invite your guests in advance. Schedule the party early so that everyone is comfortable attending it and have no problems getting back to their daily lives.

Give Them A Crazy Invite!

Your invitations should basically lure people in – the crazier, the better. Give out a vibe that anything goes! That would not only result in a better get together, but will also break the ice real quick and encourage your guests to have a good time. If you want to make your own invitations instead of buying them, you can find plenty of examples online. Scrapbooking cards or vintage material are good ideas to start with. The added bonus of creating your own invites is that you can write whatever you want inside them.

Decorate Well!

Halloween parties turn out to be dull if there are only minimal design elements or decorations. A true Halloween vibe can only be given out when your place is well covered with decorations. A good idea would be to carry forward the theme that you have already expressed in your invites. Use the internet as a resource for a variety of free images, ranging from sweet to downright scary. You can combine those with fake cobwebs that can cover almost anything in your house. A couple of cauldrons with dry ice to produce a boiling effect will also add to any theme. Add some lighting and hire a smoke machine, and you are all set!

Provide Weird Food!

If ever thought it would be fun to disgust your friends, now is the time. Many use chocolates fused together with creepy spiders and worms as a staple in most parties. You could even try some new ideas about chocolates, if you have any. You could also use black or blood colored ice trays to serve ice cubes. If your taste is even more serious, look on the Internet on how to simulate human organs through food. This might be your only chance to pull off some hilarious pranks!


All the aforementioned tips blend well with any theme and serve as an example as to how you should go about planning your party. Making it an enjoyable experience is easy, but do not go too far. Never go to the extent of heavily scaring your guests or insulting them – all your hard work might end up in the drain, along with your social life. Party wild but stay safe!

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